Kansas City Mayor Q Demoralizes Police?!?

Lost in politically charged discussions of "accountability" and social justice is the street level impact of a Kansas City policy debate.

To wit . . .


This isn't just conjecture or insider chatter, we've seen evidence of police frustration aired in public. 

In a recent story regarding staffing and police attrition rates, this quote from a local union honcho seems almost desperate . . . 

“It’s just too much,” said Brad Lemon, president of the FOP. “I mean it has just got to the point where it’s just too much.”

That doesn't sound like a leader with a great deal of confidence in city hall support.

Accordingly, this word was recently sent our way . . . 

"There's only one way to put this: Mayor Lucas is being a bully. He's bad mouthing and condemning police at every turn. A few complimentary social media posts he offers don't really make up for an all out war against police by his administration. Take a look at the responses he gets to those posts, very few people are buying his double talk. 

"Instead, we're seeing more officers leave the department and a great deal of frustration behind the scenes. 

"In the long term there's a danger that we'll see the result of these attacks against police in longer response times and fewer qualified candidates for new police positions. It's a thankless job and the current mayor has worsened public animosity toward law enforcement."

To be fair, there is urban core hope to "mend" relationships between police and community. 

Still . . .

The fight over 12th & Oak funding is just getting started and it's clear there will be more harsh words exchanged betwixt KCPD supporters and "defund the police" advocates.

Developing . . .