Kansas City Hyde Park HATES Airbnb

As we move toward a post-COVID world, the new normal now includes most neighborhoods fighting with Internets "sharing economy" entrepreneurs as local rules & regs don't mean much in the world of online biz.

Recently, a scathing public critique of a friendly Airbnb host message earned a bit of social media play.

And this inspires a quick compilation on the down side of an Internets service that is once again confronting cowtown push back . . . Read more:

House guests trash an Airbnb rental during an all-out brawl in Dallas

Video surfaces showing partygoers trash Airbnb rental in North Dallas Footage shows renters brawling and destroying TV, furniture, and doorways Airbnb said it will provide host up to $1million in protection against damages Home-sharing company also said the guests have been banned from service Dallas Police Department has yet to announce arrests in the case Airbnb employs 'black box' team that pays out $50million a year to keep disaster stays out of press A group of rowdy house partygoers trashed an Airbnb rental in North Dallas, smashing furniture and television sets during an all-out brawl that saw fistfights and chaos.

Airbnb reportedly paid tourist $7M after rape in Midtown rental

Airbnb paid a tourist $7 million after she was allegedly raped in a Manhattan rental - a massive payout that is part of the firm's widespread push to hide such shocking incidents, a new report claims. The stunning sum doled out over the previously unreported alleged crime is just part of an estimated annual $50 million that the vacation company coughs up to pay guests in legal settlements and to cover damage to hosts' homes, according to Bloomberg.

'Airbnb has a secret team that forks $50million a year in settlements'

The secretive safety team - known as the 'black box' inside the firm - is made up of around 100 agents across cities including Dublin, Montreal and Singapore Team members have the power to spend any amount tackling the worst crises at their rentals including sexual assaults, murders and deaths

Go read this harrowing story about the team cleaning up Airbnb's biggest disasters

When Airbnb works smoothly, the platform can feel like simply an eclectic hotel chain. But the app is a huge, high-stakes experiment in trusting strangers, and that can come with a heavy price.

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