Kansas City Hipster Drum Circles Stay Winning On Make Music Day

So, here's a glimpse at how Kansas City will be spending that Prez Biden stimmy and working to unite locals in making beautiful music together amid the sweaty and slutty Summer of 2021. 

To be fair, this sounds like a fun family day out and something that's slightly more productive than sitting at home producing sounds that are mostly grumbling and passing gas into a couch whilst hate watching cable news.

Check the pitch . . .

Inspired by guitarist and sonic scientist Mark Stewart, and in collaboration with two area music instrument manufactures, B.A.C Music Company and RC Williams Company, Make Music Kansas City will present a “No Experience Required Sound Making Event” at the Jay McShann Pavilion in the historic 18th and Vine Jazz District from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. on June 21.  Everyone is encouraged to pick up a mallet and have some fun!

Using off fall materials from their shops they have created a Fish Box Xylophone that up to 8 players can use at the same time. This unique device incorporates butter knives, clamps, rake tines, paint stirrers, metal pipe, rebar, and zither pins, plus other off the wall gadgets too many to mention. It is designed to use homemade mallets constructed from super balls and wood dahls and/or chop sticks. Starting with a donated hollow core walnut veneer door from the old Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City-Rick and Matt have fashioned an exceptional device.

The collaborators are also constructing additional pieces that will allow children and adults of all ages to be a sound maker. This will become a feature on MMKC with the vision of moving the Musication Station around the city every year to a different location and involve new communities of Sound Makers!

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