Kansas City Future: Only Super Rich Have Cars

The same local planners who championed plauge lockdowns and gerrymandered mail-in elections now have their sights on stripping the plebs of car privileges.

Obviously, the public isn't too jazzed about giving up their car keys given the BOOM IN USED CAR SALES ACROSS THE NATION.

Still, the idea of downtown filled with a diverse array of hipsters aboard the toy train and earning six-figure incomes via social media is an easy sell to morons.

Money line and the sketchy premise . . . 

The Imagine Downtown KC plan – set to be released this summer – will serve as the primary vision-setting and policy blueprint to lead the ongoing revitalization of Downtown Kansas City. The future of the North and South Loops are envisioned in the strategic plan as “Loop Reimagination,” one of seven catalytic projects designed to transform the future of Downtown KC.

Reimagining the I-169/ I-70/I-670 corridors (i.e., the North and South loops and the related vision for Highway 9,) is considered one of the most important projects to reimagine and reposition Downtown economically for the next 50 years. Removing or minimizing these barriers presents opportunities to improve vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, and transit connections, as well as provide cohesive visual connections to the River Market and the Crossroads Arts District. Both projects unlock land for development by mitigating, condensing, lidding, or removing the interstates.

Developing . . .