Kansas City Eating Out Overrated Amid Return To Normal

Fair warning forgive the implication in much the same way we forgive Lindsey for (possibly) pretending to have a lite lunch on a private jet . . .

Eating out in Kansas City is now a completely disappointing experience wherein customers think they're doing restaurants a favor with their biz but the sordid affair only garners resentment and hard feelings over high prices.  

Sound familiar?!?!?

Accordingly, we share this bit of info that confirms that tragic fact of life and should inspire smarter readers to cook at home or at least go with takeout . . . Read more:

Restaurant owners say make reservation to get a table, avoid long waits

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City restaurants are seeing more customers than in the last year, now that they are back to full capacity. However, the demand is creating longer wait times. That is why restaurant owners are suggesting that customers make reservations ahead of time.