Kansas City Crumbles Amid Rain

Quick sign of the times and a reminder that so many "historic" old buildings are rotting and even minor weather events can spark their demise. 

Take a look . . .

KCFD: Rain could have caused partial vacant building collapse on 39th Street and Woodland

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Fire Department is investigating after part of a vacant building collapsed Saturday afternoon. The fire department believes that the rain may have caused extra weight on the the roof of the abandoned building on 39th Street and Woodland Avenue, causing bricks to fall into the street.

Building partially collapses near 39th and Woodland Avenue, no injuries reported

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - No one was injured after a building partially collapsed near 39th and Woodland Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday. Bricks spilled onto the sidewalk and street near where the building collapsed. High amounts of water caused part of the roof to collapse.

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