Kansas City Country Club Plaza A/C FAIL Postscript

Typical Kansas City Summer story posted only because the elements make equals of us all when our toys and/or utilities FAIL . . .

Luxury Plaza apartment complex without A/C for months, tenants say

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Plaza Club City Apartments tout "refreshing apartment living," but renters have been toughing it out with no air conditioning during the recent stretch of high temperatures. "I moved my mattress out here [into the living room] so we could comfortably sleep at a solid 80 degrees," Morgan Kilmer, who moved to the complex in September 2020, said.

Plaza apartment residents without air conditioning during heat wave

Dozens of residents of the Plaza Club City apartments in the 4600 block of Jefferson Street are demanding an immediate fix to their air-conditioning system after weeks of stifling temperatures inside their units.Residents have gone weeks without working air conditioning during the recent heat wave.Three major chillers at the apartment complex are getting replaced this week, according to a statement from apartment managers.

Developing . . .