Kansas City Ceasefire: Will It Work?!?

Whilst so many of our politicos are bickering with one another over money and power, it's encouraging to see local leaders focusing on a crisis at hand.

Here's a peek at worthwhile call to action as cities across the nation prep for a violent Summer . . .

Nine groups include the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Kansas City, the Concerned Clergy Coalition, the Kansas City Urban Summit, the Kansas City Urban Council, the Sankofa of Kansas City, the Heart of Father initiative, the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime, Healing Pathway Victim Services and the Center for Conflict Resolution.

During the 21 Days of Peace, the groups will offer trained conflict resolution experts, and spiritual counsel will be offered 24/7 at the St. Mark Church located at 1101 Euclid Ave. in Kansas City, Missouri.

However . . . 

Politically, there's a downside . . . If the protestations of these groups FAIL to lower the current uptick in violence then their lack of influence and power in their own communities will be exposed.

Nevertheless . . . If it's a genuine call for peace, nonviolence and the preservation of human life . . . The upside is far more important. 

Reality check . . . 

Typically these desperate efforts occur AFTER a deadly Summer and they have yet to prove effective judging by violent Kansas City trends over the past decade.

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Kansas City-area clergy members, activists call for 21 day 'cease fire' in KCMO

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Following another deadly week in the Kansas City area, clergy members and activists are calling for a 21-day "cease fire." Four people died, including two 15-year-old teens, within the span of three hours on Tuesday .