Kansas City Blind Item: Politico Crashes Bentley At The K

TKC doesn't "have" this story but it's out there and it's hilarious.

Here's the preview before the local news makes it official . . .

"Recently a runt of a former council dude who still imagines himself a power player had one too many at the K. The mini-man was driving the EPIC LUXURY CAR of his mentor who was throwing out the first pitch at a recent game. Special parking privileges proved too difficult to manage as this tiny mogul demolished one of the golf carts of the home team. Po-po didn't make an arrest that would've ruined the PR gesture but bystanders were shocked by the collision. Thankfully, nobody was hurt."

This story has provided a chuckle amongst the local ruling class and the sordid narrative FINALLY made it's way down to the plebs amongst our blog community in order to remind us all that WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ALL PLAY BY THE SAME RULES.

Developing . . .