Kansas City 'Best Bars' Debated Amid Boozy COVID Comeback

Credit to capitalism . . . Now that the pandemic has turned quite a few locals into alcoholics . . . Both small & big biz is ready to cash in on human misery.

Here's a taste . . .

The 87 best bars in Kansas City right now

Kansas City is an amazing bar city-and it has been for a long, long time. We've argued before that the birth of Kansas City as we know it came when the city took a pass on the whole Prohibition thing.

Thankfully, there's also room to profit on the low-end . . .

Strawberry Hill might just have the best collection of dive bars in America | Kansas City Magazine

They are more like neighborhood museums that happen to serve Fireball shots. The best dive bars in Kansas City-really, the best dive bars in the lower Midwest, and maybe the country-are quietly clustered in a historically Croatian enclave of Kansas City, Kansas, called Strawberry Hill.

Developing . . .