Jackson County Democrats Dispute Guv Parson Missouri Special Session

Here’s push back against the Missouri Republican Super Majority along with more news about the legislative slap fight in store . . .

Billions on the Line as Parson Forces Special Session Despite Opposition from His Own Party

Yesterday, during a press conference at the State Capitol, Governor Mike Parson warned of the detrimental consequences to Missourians if the Federal Reimbursement Allowances (FRA) and related programs were not extended. The FRA and related programs provide critical funding to MO HealthNet and must be extended before cost-savings measures are needed on July 1.
"If political maneuvering over extending this program persists, the FY22 budget passed in early May will be in direct conflict with our state’s financial reality come July 1," said Governor Parson. "My administration will be forced to close a nearly $1.4 billion funding gap over the next two years, which means budget restrictions will have to be made across state government."
The Fiscal Year 2022 operating budget includes estimated revenue from the FRA program and other allowances, taxes, and assessments to fund primary components of the MO HealthNet program. Failure to extend these programs would cost the state of Missouri an estimated $591 million in FY22 and $788 million in FY23. Payments from the MO HealthNet program would also be reduced by $1.52 billion in FY22 and $2 billion in FY23 if these programs are not extended.
The hold up is over access to birth control which is the demand of a small group of far-right Senators claiming that some common forms of preventative care is the same as abortion and therefore cannot be accepted. Most other Republicans and all Democrats find this to not be the case, but nevertheless, could result in a filibuster that robs all citizens of billions of tax dollars they have already been paying into the federal system.
Less than 24 hours after the Governor made his statements, he called both chambers into a special session but the extremist Senators haven't made their votes clear. While a fortune affecting millions of citizens hangs in the balance, we can expect to see hours of political grandstanding on the floor of the Missouri Senate and an unknown conclusion.
It should be noted that this is entirely Republican in-fighting and they control every part of state government in Missouri.  Despite occasionally having the best intentions, Mike Parson has never been the leader of the Missouri Republican Party.  Jefferson City insiders will tell you many legislators don't respect him and will gladly block some of his priorities out of spite knowing there won't be serious consequences. In the coming years as the list of potential candidates to fill Parson's seat grows, expect that sentiment to grow as well. 


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Parson calls for special session to address Medicaid funding

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is calling legislators back to Jefferson City on Wednesday for a special session to vote on a Medicaid funding compromise. The call comes a day after Parson outlined what he called a "grim reality" if legislators fail to resolve a dispute involving Medicaid and Federal Reimbursement Allowances.

Parson calls special session on Missouri Medicaid funding

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) - Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is calling lawmakers back into a special session to work out a deal on a critical piece of Medicaid funding. Parson announced in a tweet on Tuesday that he is calling a special session beginning noon Wednesday so lawmakers can pass a tax on medical providers that draws down a significant amount of federal Medicaid funding.

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