Is Kansas City Racist For Objecting To Slavery Reparations?!?

It's my hope that some of the more thoughtful comments will share REASONABLE AND VALID ARGUMENTS against reparations on the municipal level that readers can use and evaluate on their own.

Fact is . . . From what we've seen and heard . . . Slavery reparations are widely unpopular civic policy.

Sadly, this fact of life isn't being reflected in local reporting. 

Of course, more than anything else media personalities fear being called racist.

But there can't be any real "dialogue" or "conversation" about this issue if residents aren't allowed to express their feelings and reasonable objections without being cancelled or facing irreparable harm to their reputation and public standing.

Of course . . . This won't stop trolls from ranting and confusing the issue by sharing their own self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy by way of indulging in racist chatter. 

But that kind of blathering isn't helpful.

Instead . . . 

Confident, calm and informed objections to Kansas City undertaking slavery reparations would further the local discourse. 

For instance . . . 

TKC is so assured of the city's ability to screw up EVERYTHING that we know there's a real chance that slavery reparations would represent nothing more than YET ANOTHER TAX on urban core residents and home owners accompanied by one more 12th & Oak social media worker hire in order to smooth things over on Twitter and keep that enemies list updated. 

Accordingly . . . Here's more MSM talking points that refuse to mention widespread push back to this doomed effort.

Mayor Lucas Signs On To Test A Reparations Program For Black Kansas Citians

The group, which calls itself Mayors Organized for Reparations and Equity (MORE), was announced Friday, the first iteration of Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Aside from Lucas, it includes Mayor Tishaura Jones of St. Louis and the mayors of cities such as Denver and Los Angeles.

Mayor Lucas joins coalition to bring reparations to Black Kansas Citians

Mayor Quinton Lucas. // Courtesy KC Government Mayor Quinton Lucas is pledging reparations for Black residents of Kansas City as part of a committee including 10 other mayors across the US. Mayors Organized for Reparations and Equity (MORE), is a coalition of 11 mayors committed to paying reparations to Black residents in their community and modeling how future federal programs...

Advocate of reparations for slavery talks about forms it could take in Kansas City

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas is joining 10 mayors across the country in a pledge to pay reparations for slavery in their communities.

Developing . . .