Fanbois Give Up On Kansas City Royals 2021?!?!

Actually, we wanted to share a really thoughtful provocative insight into diehard vs. bandwagon fans.

It's a worthwhile debate and more interesting than anything on the field right now.

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"Ultimately, if watching your baseball team is entertaining and making you happy, do it. If it isn’t, then don’t. Sadly, the often toxic culture around sports fandom preaches exactly one approach: support your team always, or leave your fan card at the door."

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You should turn off the game if you want to

It would be an understatement to say that sports fandom is tied to identity. After all, sports teams are anchored in cities, in communities, in places where people live. They are, in many ways, an important part of civic pride, and they are definitely a part of a city's identity.