Everybody Hates Overland Park Toll Road

File this one under rising costs in the suburbs and references that fellow travelers in dark humor understand.

Here's mainstream news acknowledgement that nobody likes the new toll road idea . . .

Some Overland Park residents have mixed feelings about proposed highway toll

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) -- Many people who live and work along a proposed highway expansion don't know how they feel about the idea. The US Hwy. 69 reconstruction would expand the road to three lanes between 151st St. and 103rd. One of those lanes would serve as an express lane, charging a toll for use.

Even better, here's push back from one of our favorite bloggers . . .

OP Leaders are freaking idiots, Political Hipsters

Really? This is the magic band-aid that they came up with their failures to address traffic problems in the South? And it doesn't go beyond 151st street where development is booming? This might be the worst idea to come out of city government since the redevelopment of downtown OP by placing towering apartment complexes in a historic old town area.

Developing . . .