Ellie Kemper Crisis Proved 'Rage Pr0n' Supremacy

There's nothing about 'Kimmy Schmidt' that deserves serious contemplation.

Recently, a Hollywood controversy sparked headlines and a debate over the legacy of racist regional traditions that didn't really accomplish anything other than tweaking the emotions and possibly genitals of people who anger far too easily for all of the wrong reasons.

It was all just rage pr0n.

Don't get it twisted, this blog traffics in angry content and we constantly lament that most readers don't really "get" our efforts to turn rage into the outrageous and absurd with a snarky and often satirical reading of the local news. 

I blame myself. 

Still, engaging with ill-tempered strangers online for the sake of community news seems much more useful than penning mediocre fiction or selling bargain junk via mail order . . . On the bright side, thanks to COVID and the Internets I can do all three and still find time to bathe weekly. 

But I digress . . . 

The point here is that neither 'Kimmy Schmidt' nor the Kemper clan deserves much consideration from the plebs but their brief immersion into the sewer of online rage pr0n serves to warn us that neither fame nor money can save anyone from willingly falling into the narcissistic abyss of social media. 

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