East Side Rallies Amid Kansas City Police Funding Fight

Special thanks to KICK-ASS TKC READERS for this sneak peek at the urban core organizing in support of Mayor Q and the council majority on the controversial police funding issue.

Even better . . .

This line stands out: 

"We cannot tolerate deceitful narratives spewed by outside agitators and misinformed malcontents to go unremedied into our community."

Since TKC resides closer to this meetup spot than most of the politicos in the council majority; we likely fit in the latter half of their description and always appreciate the mention. 

More importantly . . . 


And we're totally serious about this . . . 

If our low-income neighbors are going to be used as political props in a multi-million dollar power grab, at the very least they deserve a good meal and the A/C on full blast for their service. 

As a denizen of the municipal discourse, it's important to have realistic expectations regarding the bribes services from 12th & Oak.

Full text . . .

Kansas City, Missouri, June 4, 2021--For immediate release—Townhall Meeting to Develop a Municipal Accountability and Transparency Action Agenda

The Community Resource Team (CRT) is a neighborhood alliance composed of residents in seven core subdivisions in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. The CRT is dedicated to open and accessible government, public safety and community-government collaboration for the growth of the city and its residents and corporate citizens.

First and foremost, we categorically support the two budget measures passed by Mayor Quinton Lucas and a city council majority. Secondly, we cannot tolerate deceitful narratives spewed by outside agitators and misinformed malcontents to go unremedied into our community.

To facilitate its mission, the CRT is hosting a free Town Hall Meeting at 1617 E. 17th Terrace Street, Kansas City, MO 64108 on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 from 6:00pm-7:00pm. The event location is one block east of the Charlie Parker Memorial. This town hall is designed to engage the public, City elected officials & Department liaisons, and County elected officials and executives in developing an accountability and transparency plan that supports economic mobility and freedom for residents.

Our expectation is simple going forward the police department’s annual operating budget should be twenty percent (20%) of the City’s general revenue as mandated in Section 84.730 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.

Any supplementary budget petition should be held to the same accountability and transparency as with all taxpayer dollars.

The people of Kansas City want equity, accountability and transparency in our local government and the services it provides including:

- racial representation
- occupational diversity (including civil service, private sector, faith based, and media)
- honest, open and timely communication
- political representation
- mental & emotional wellness services
- emergency & uniformed services community engagement and DEI training

Please join us in person, in numbers, for one hour this Wednesday, bring a chair and show your support for change.


A peek at the memo . . .

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