Disgraced Former Council Dude Pastor Brooks Forgiven By Progressives

Because he has aligned with progressive activists and has served as a champion of social justice over the past few years . . . Pastor Brooks has seemingly been absolved of all wrongdoing by Kansas City mainstream media.

For those who don't remember controversies that ultimately sparked his resignation and retreat from 12th & Oak . . .

FBI probes blackmail allegations as councilman apologizes for sexting

KC councilman accused of choking aide resigns

On this glorious Sunday . . . Faith blogger Bill offers tribute to the pastor without even a mention of political "troubles" that were not so long ago.

OF COURSE we believe that everyone can be redeemed.

This report is linked if only to prove that Kansas City has the power of incredible forgiveness and we hope that this kind of mercy, kindness and understanding is shown to TKC when we eventually get busted for stealing snack cakes or when we dump this blog/writing stuff and start singing the blues in local taverns . . . Read more:

Religious Leaders Bare Their Souls in 'Shepherds Helping Shepherds'

The pastor knew he was in a safe place with other religious leaders sworn not to discuss in public what they talk about inside the group, so he let loose: "One of my constant struggles now is with the church. I'm not 100% sure that the church really is interested in caring about its pastors.