Did Black Ministers Betray KCPD?!?

Don't get offended by our lead image, that's actually a screen cap from a short-lived Comedy Central series Black Jesus which was actually quite thoughtful and hilarious. 

But I digress . . .

In a worthwhile report from public radio, urban core ministers offered perspective on recent shock video and their tense relationship with KCPD. 

Here's a line from E3 that stands out . . .

For now, Cleaver admits the video may not be enough to sway everyone. 

“Unless there's something else out there, I think some are going to walk away thinking and believing that the officers were perhaps justified, and others believing that it was not justified for them to shoot Malcolm Johnson,” he said. 

 The pastors hinted Tuesday at more video of the incident coming to light, but took care not to be seen as anti-police, a balance they have sought to strike over the last week.

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