Council Lady Katheryn Shields Stalls Kansas City Tiny Homeless Village

The Mayor's EXPENSIVE homeless agenda was put on hold this week in a surprising move by a council player along with resounding opposition throughout Kansas City neighborhoods.

To wit . . .


This debate at 12th & Oak is important for two reasons . . . 

- Widespread outcry against the zoning switcheroo revealed that neighborhoods are not on board with haphazard zoning rules . . . Even in the name of social justice.

- The council lady flex on Mayor Q offers proves that her connections to local biz are far more "influential" than so much activist chatter and outcry. 

Moreover . . .

J.E. Dunn pushing back behind the scenes didn't help the mayor's cause and created an unwinnable situation. 

We expect continued debate but this PUBLIC SMACK DOWN is yet another sign that the activist agenda and recent victories at 12th & Oak confronts a reality check now that the pandemic has seemingly, hopefully concluded.

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Kansas City Council delays decision on new homeless village ordinance, funding

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's plan to set up a homeless village is running into more problems. On Thursday, the council decided to hold off an ordinance that would help find a location for the tiny homes and postponed the vote for two weeks.

Kansas City's plans for homeless campus blocked for now

The plan to set up a city-authorized homeless camp or campus is being blocked for now. Part of the problem is no one wants it near their neighborhood.The "not-in-my-backyard" argument is one of the main sticking points. But there are others. It would have to be near a utility connection and probably close to bus stops.

Developing . . .