Will Hip-Hop Coverage Save Kansas City Star?!?!

Credit where it's due, the local paper pens a solid article regarding Kansas City hip-hop but it's uncertain if that's the kind of content that will drive readership.

Here on TKC we never liked the response to articles about rap music . . . Reality . . . It's tough to find commonality when talking Kansas City because there aren't many hip-hop fans who also care about municipal issues.

And so . . .

We wish the dead-tree institution luck in their rap music coverage.

Check-it the story with lead-in referencing the king of local hip-hop . . .

Like Tech N9ne before him, rising rap artist finds he can still call Kansas City home

Behind the wheel of his black Cadillac XTS, Sulaiman Salaam III started to string together the words for one of his latest songs. The music begins with a few strokes on the piano, but quickly rounds out with the catchy soundsof an organ and church choir. "Finally free, finally free," they sing.