Verrückt Life Exposed

Important testimony following a horrific tragedy that eventually shut this water park down offers glimpse at the park from the inside.

Money line . . .

"During our orientation, we were given a tour of the park. As we were approaching Verrückt, our manager said, “Oh we won’t go over there.” I remember looking at my friend in confusion, amazed that managers were just sweeping the accident under the mat instead of properly training us on how to speak about it."

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I worked at Schlitterbahn after the Verrückt accident. Here's how that went | Kansas City Magazine

It was summer 2017, and I was getting ready to work my first job. I was so happy that Schlitterbahn hired me that I didn't think anything about the tragic accident on the Verrückt water coaster the previous year. I remember hearing about the accident on the news and thought that the park was going to shut down.