Trendspotting: Blue Valley Public Meeting Shut Down And Politicos Would Rather Not Deal With Public Face To Face

To be fair, we're certain these officials had legitimate concerns and we don't question efforts to protect their safety.

However, over the long term we notice that elected officials seem more comfortable dealing with the public over social media and by way of Zoom calls that can easily be muted.

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Threats cause Blue Valley School Board to meet virtually

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Blue Valley School Board will hold Monday night's meeting virtually rather than in-person following threats posted on social media. The district did not release the content of the social media posts. District officials announced the change around noon Monday on its Twitter and Facebook accounts.


  1. What that school board needs is a good old fashioned, insurectionist style storming of the meeting room. Get a helmet with some horns, a few dozen racist t-shirts, build a scaffold outside and threaten to lynch a few of them. Maybe steal on the way out and defecate in a few corners. After all, don't they know it's OUR school board and if a minority of us don't like what they're doing, then it's our job to ignore the majority and burn the whole thing down.

    1. Sarcasm noted
      But only 15. Percent of the colonists wanted independence from England. So don’t dismiss them

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. ^^Fuck that.

    Just turn those rotten ass students on them.

  3. you get what you vote for.. a bunch of incompetent spineless diversity hires.

  4. More violent JOCO MAGATs threatening public officials. LOCK THEM UP!

  5. More JOCO WOKE FAGGOTS out of control. STRING THEM UP!


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