TKC Readers Reject 18th & Vine Alternative

Right now our blog community considers a family friendly substitute for an embattled party place.

Obviously, the response wasn't favorable.

Here's the word . . .

In the River Market we pay a CID tax and property & sales tax for the tourist trolley. Guess they are suggesting that I pay for their family entertainment district. 

No way!!! 

Form a CID and those who benefit pay just like we do here.

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Proposal for new family entertainment district in east Kansas city presented to KC Parks and Rec

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Community organizers are hoping a proposal for an entertainment district in Kansas City's east side will help give residents a new sense of belonging. Pat Clark presented the proposal, known as the Oak Park Entertainment District near Emanual Cleaver II Boulevard and Elmwood Avenue, on Tuesday to the city's Parks and Recreation Department Board.