A thoughtful reader recently sent us this note that deserves to be highlighted as the pandemic has spiked the local homeless population. 

KCMO hasn't had much luck coping with real world dilemmas and political minefields surrounding the homeless issue. 

And so . . .

Drawing from conservative news sources and what is ultimately a compassionate perspective, here's an alternative view of a worsening problem confronting KCMO . . .

Homeless Problem

There was a time in the past when a homeless person, around Thanksgiving when it started to get cold, would look for a police officer to punch in the face. Arrested for assault, he would plead guilty in municipal court and get a 90 day sentence at the municipal farm. That would get him a warm bed and three meals a day until spring arrived.  Now the municipal farm is gone and the homeless problem is far more complicated, largely because the ACLU for decades has effectively reduced mental treatment facilities because the ill have "rights" to be free.

Homelessness is not just having no place to sleep.  It is people with mental illness or drug use or both who cannot function effectively in life. The chaotic transfer of homeless people between motels this week by the city effectively illustrates this.  The average drug user spends $1500 to $2000 a month on meth or heroin.  With no job or income that means an increase in larceny, burglary and auto theft.

Kansas City does not yet have the severe problems of San Francisco. But a look at the problem there can present solutions to the problem here . . .

Real Clear Politics: Blighted San Francisco Diagnoses Its 'Perilous Trifecta' -- and Bungles the Cure

You decide . . .


  1. any plan is better than Q just throwing money at protesters.

  2. No they don't. They will screw it up further if they try.

  3. Send them to San Francisco!

  4. Joe Biden*, Resident Asterisk5/2/21, 8:46 PM

    What we need to do is put a black guy in charge that has a big mouth and zero experience. C'mon man! The third time's a charm!

  5. There was a time in the past when a homeless person, around Thanksgiving when it started to get cold, would look for a police officer to punch in the face.

    Other than a hideous chucklowe, what normal person would actually believe this nonsense?

    1. Actually I worked in a KC jail back in the 90's and this kind of thing was pretty common. Often tho they would just do something like smash a beer bottle on the squad car to get charged with property damage or some such.


  6. With a mayor like Lucas and James you are going to see this situation get worse they are the cause of it. Problem is, no one with any brains or business sense will take on the city's in this country anymore due to residents who vote for this kind of garbage They push back when someone is trying to help, they support thugs, violence and then bitch about it. You people in the city voted for this, you support this, so you need to live with what you have created. I'm trying my best to run democrats out of my area so we don't end up like you. Good news is, I got two of them to move after a short time of living in my area. I would encourage you to do the same in your area.

  7. Have the racist libtard scum at 8:56 move them into mommies basement.

  8. Here’s the solution
    Have the city lease the old Richards Gebauer air base
    There’s plenty of old barracks there for housing
    Force them to stay until they are drug free and cleaned up. If you truly care about them, then you have to force improvement on them

  9. Belton don’t need killa shittys problems, lickass got us into this mess thinking he’d be a hero to the dimwit party, he’s gonna have to deal with it without wasting any more of our hard earned tax money.

  10. U people are ignorant.

  11. Plenty of vacant land and houses in Kansas City. Many homeless people are getting paid to gut houses for the scrap so the neighborhoods can be gentrified in Kansas City.

  12. The city spent over three million dollars on this and it's loaded with consequences

  13. Perhaps the most visible of Mayor McDrinkerson's many incompetent decisions and failures.

  14. Do something about it. Stand up. And do something about it. For christ sakes. Our we americans or retards? Cmon man.


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