TKC Killed Comments!!! Send $15K To Turn Them Back On Or Shut Up!!!

That post title either came off snarky or desperate . . .

It doesn't really matter given that this blog has always been a stupid and futile gesture regarding the Kansas City discourse.

Somewhere along the line after a few guest spots on right-wing radio and hanging out with grassroots activists . . . TKC attracted a persistent somewhat reactionary element to the comment section of this blog that' I've been trying to shake for years. 

You d-bags only pretend to get my nihilistic jokes in order engage in duty-free ranting & bullying.

And so, this is where we part company . . . And let's be real . . . The comments aren't a big loss and anybody who gets lonesome for picking fights with strangers on the Internets can always find lots of company on Parler.

Also, I'm getting bored of writing about comments. 

Accordingly . . .

We're not as cool or noteworthy as Vice magazine but their missive on this topic struck a chord with us back in 2016 . . . 

We're Getting Rid of Comments on

Illustration by Cei Willis As you may have noticed, earlier today we made some renovations here at Gave the place a facelift. Slapped a new coat of paint on the old URL. As with most redesigns, this is the first step in an ongoing process, and over the coming weeks and months we'll be tweaking things and adding features to make the new site even better.

Still, we love blogging. We like being a semi-reliable local news resource mixed in with a healthy bit of snark. 

And like all things in this life . . . NOTHING IS PERMANENT.

And so, feel free to paypal TKC $15K and the comments will go back to normal.

If not, sit back, enjoy the read, links, (sometimes) insightful commentary and realize that avid readers can still share some abuse/insight/snark and maybe even an honest laugh with TKC via Twitter & Facebook . . . Their comment controls are way better, FREE and that's where everybody else is anyhoo . . .

*Disclaimer . . . Any money sent to TKC is NOT tax deductible, won't be met with much gratitude and  and only buys comments "turned back on" for the remainder of 2021. Offer only valid dependent on my coffee intake and always, always subject to renegotiation and imaginary fine print.

Developing . . .