The Dotte Needs Kansas Speedway Cash

Here's a glimpse at a local economy that's almost totally based on left turns and locals who mistakenly believe that car crashes qualify as entertainment.

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Kansas Speedway celebrates 20 years of racing and economic impact in Wyandotte County

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The Buschy McBusch Race 400 wrapped up at the Kansas Speedway Sunday. They were at limited capacity, about 30%, but thousands still traveled near and far to see their favorite drivers. Kansas Speedway marks a milestone this season - it's their 20th year!


  1. Boring racing ,high speed parade

  2. Problem is NASCAR viewership has been dwindling. They tried to go woke with the bubba fake news thing and their target audience didn't want any of it. The viewership dropoff is on par with the Oscars. This will partially hit baseball, although it's a little easier for them to hide the dropoff

  3. Yeeert. I was hoping to go to a couple races this year. The Bubba Smollet woke shit sent me on my way. I was fairweather at best, they made some money off of me in merch and tix, but no mo. Pander all you want NASCAR, don't think it will make the big bux you thought.

  4. Another woke sport. Another dwindling customer base. Where have we seen this sad show?


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