Show-Me Residency Win For Sen. Hawley

A Missouri switcheroo keeps the jr. Senator safe from progressive criticism of his surprisingly liberal definition of residency.

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Missouri lawmakers back repeal of attorney general residency

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri lawmakers voted Thursday to abolish a residency requirement for the state attorney general that had caused headaches for U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley when he served as the state's chief law enforcement officer.


  1. There's no point in having "Residency Requirements" for ANY State Office, if we are going to Waive them for our U.S. Senators as in the instance of the Virginia Resident (who hasn't lived in the State since High School) currently holding that Office.

    Hell, the Missouri GOP's next step will probably be to run either Ted Cruz or Kris Kobach for Missouri Governor!

  2. ^^^ See Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters.

  3. If he votes for himself that’s fraud though right?


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