Show-Me Reminder: Judge Ruling Often Required To Release Police Body Camera Footage In Missouri

An important note about the legal process for citizen inquiries:

"A state law passed in 2016 says only a judge can release videos during ongoing investigations. In cases involving possible criminal charges, either against a citizen or an officer, a judge must decide if the public will see the videos before court proceedings end."

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Police body cameras don't ensure quick release of videos

LIBERTY, Mo. (AP) - When the Kansas City Police Department recently announced that about 900 officers had begun wearing body cameras, it was trumpeted as a move toward greater transparency and accountability, particularly in controversial arrests or shootings.


  1. Body cams are bullshit and has not stopped cops from killing.


  2. Body cams are not BS and most of the cops that kill are justifies by the videos showing that the cops are the ones targeted. Don't get triggered just because you want to pull the race card on our police officers.


  3. meant to say justified.

  4. Body camera videos will turn out to be the "activists", revs, and other grifters worst nightmare.
    The public will get to see, over and over again, the dysfunctional, dangerous, and even self-destructive behaviors that the police have to deal with every day.
    The behavior BEFORE the cell phone videos that make believe the cops are responding inappropriately.
    The big push then will be NOT to make the videos public.
    The facts will destroy the usual suspects' narrative.
    Be careful what you wish for.

  5. The ACLU and several other groups are already complaining about body cam videos because it does not protect a person's right to privacy.


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