The outcry against the Missouri Guv for canceling the "stimmy" has been furious.

A brief look at the online debate calls it:




On the other side of the equation . . .

Everybody is tired of waiting 45 minutes at Denny's for "Moons Over My Hammy" and a cup of day old coffee.

And so people must die.

Or not. 

Reactionaries might suggest that workers are lazy and don't want to return to their gigs because of greed or lack of motivation. More astute denizens of the discourse realize that it's unrealistic to expect anyone to take a loss in revenue when they're getting paid more to stay home. Low wage workers deserve the same "profit motive" consideration as big biz.

Of course, there is, in fact, a great deal of hesitation to return to work . . . 

Axios: Employees grapple with re-entry anxiety as jobs call them back

Still, the job market beacons and, generally, the Missouri Guv has the support of most Republicans with this power move that basically ends the pandemic . . . For now.

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Developing . . .