Show-Me Culture War Special Session Coming Soon

A quick preview of Missouri problems that will meet with the scrutiny of the Jeff City GOP Super Majority. 

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"The calls from Missouri lawmakers for Gov. Mike Parson to reconvene the recently-adjourned legislature in special session are many and varied. And while there is no doubt that lawmakers will be returning to Jefferson City this year, exactly what may end up on the agenda — and when they will gather — remains unclear. “There’s a lot of people who’ve reached out for special sessions,” Parson said in a recent interview with KCMO radio this week, “and it’s too early to talk about those things like that.”Yet the list of issues lawmakers hope to tackle before the 2022 session convenes next January seems to grow by the day. Some things will absolutely require a special session, and topping that list is a tax on health care providers that makes up a huge chunk of the state’s Medicaid budget."

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Medicaid, critical race theory, election changes possible issues for special session

By Jason Hancock A tax that funds $2 billion of Missouri's Medicaid program. A push to ban the teaching of critical race theory in public schools. An effort to undermine changes to Kansas City's police budget. And a litany of bills seeking to overhaul how Missouri conducts its elections.

Trial date set after 3 moms sue Missouri over Medicaid expansion

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Three single moms are suing the state of Missouri after the governor decided not to expand Medicaid. But the lawsuit could impact thousands of Missourians. After the General Assembly voted not to fund Medicaid expansion earlier this month, Gov. Mike Parson said there was no way the state could expand.

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