There's a myth that deadly rising crime is confined to the urban core and only confronts communities of color. 

Reality check . . . 

Life is becoming increasingly disposable in the metro and throughout the nation. 

Reactionaries will claim otherwise but a decent apartment complex in a nice Johnson County neighborhood is now a homicide scene.

Check the links . . .

KCTV5: Foul play responsible for death of man in Prairie Village, police say

Fox4: Prairie Village police investigate death at Deauville Apartments, believed to be foul play

KMBC: Prairie Village police investigating suspicious death

Developing . . .


  1. Johnson County is quickly becoming Raytown. A once great suburb is nomore. Sad.

  2. Thanks to liberal fag judges and jean Petersucker murderers that get probation in Jackson county go where ever they want to commit murders now. Make no mistake about it, Petersucker has around two thousand murders under her belt because she refuses to send them to prison. She’s the most worthless and stupid piece of shit soros prosecutor that’s ever lived.

    1. I’ve always said she tied with Kim Garner

  3. Prairie Village and its "woke" residents with all their BLM signs need to get more diversity in their community. They need to storm City Hall next week and demand more Section 8 housing be built in the city. They're just "pretend wokies" if they don't do this.

  4. Urban creep. Prairie Village was a great place. It’s been taken over by a bunch of young BLM supporters and social justice morons. Sad to see, this mentality and, crime will follow, take over a once great area.

  5. Fairy Village Woke !!!

  6. The victims neighbors heard a scream, several gunshots and a huge thud. They never called it in. checked in on victim almost a day later. And found him dead. Some neighbors.

    People are so stupid


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