Overland Park Street Fight Worsens

An excellent glimpse at local infrastructure debate reveals that Johnson County residents angry about cheapskate paving underway.

Take a peek . . .

Homeowners associations join together against Overland Park's chip seal pavement plans

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - In February, FOX4 told you about a controversy in Overland Park over the use of chip seal to pave the city's streets. The Overland Park City Council approved to move forward with the project, and now 24 home owners associations are banding together to fight it.


  1. Good for them. It's a garbage solution that has been sold to many metro areas as a solution to fix cracks, potholes, and new pavement all in one. It does none of those. Complete garbage.

  2. My streets were done 2 years ago and sure some loose gravel here and there but beats potholes for damn sure.

  3. Johnson County is quickly becoming Raytown. Now they can't even fix the streets. Sad.

  4. It's a second rate solution that was originally planned as an OPKS budget saver but has now become a "heels dug in" issue between the Karens on the council and the Karens on the HOA boards.

  5. They need to slurry or micropave it. Chip seal is the cheap shit Jackson County uses that doesn't hold up worth a crap.


  6. Go to a Monarchs game they said.

    Get murdered they said.

  7. OP streets really aren’t that great considering how high the taxes are out there.

    But you should see how nice the city hall and municipal court are!

    And that payoff to that trigger happy dipshit cop, that’s something the OP citizens can be real real proud of


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