Overland Park Police Report 'SHAM' Seyz Mom Of Teen Killed By Police

A scathing rebuke of po-po overtures at transparency following activist and faith leader outcry.

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Mother of John Albers calls deadly shooting report on her son 'a sham'

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - A mother who first was able to look at a key report more than three years after a police officer fatally shot her son called that report "a sham." Last Thursday, Sheila Albers and her husband Steve reviewed the Johnson County Officer Involved Shooting Investigation Team's report into the shooting death of their 17-year-old son John.


  1. This Karen needs to take her millions and go away.

  2. ^^^ No amount of money could ever replace the loss of a child. And she is doing the right thing to make sure that kind of thing doesn't happen again. The public has the right to hold law enforcement accountable.

    1. Eye roll. I am tired of this Victim Karen mom. I have some questions for this hag about her and her husband's role in this.

  3. Yes it is. The report should point out that the mother of John Albers should have stayed home with her son she was so worried about and not left him at home alone with a car available to him. Who called the police? Answer that question. Maybe she planned for the police to kill her son because she set it up. Investigate that Angie!

  4. I thought they moved out of the area....... don't blame them.

  5. Drop it Karen! Your kid was a douche and you suck as a parent!

  6. I'm starting to see the real guilty party here is the mother who failed as a mother.

  7. Johnson County is quickly becoming Raytown. Sad.

  8. Thoughts and prayers.

  9. Her Oscars music stopped playing quite a while ago.
    Get the hook!

  10. The mom can't face the fact that SHE was the one that failed her son. She wants to blame the police for her lack of parenting. The kid used a vehicle like a missile and then didn't expect the police to protect themselves?

  11. i am sorry for your loss but your child made stupid decisions and the police cannot suffero because of that

  12. I had sympathy for the family, but no more.

    Her son had mental issues that neither she, her husband or mental health doctors could help this kid (if they indeed got him mental help).

    She called the police because she was afraid of him as he was violent then blames the police for shooting him when he tried to run them over with the family van.

    The United States has become one big Reality T.V. shit show.

  13. Predictable asshole first comment here

    Yes cheer the cops on in this one. Cop shows up and just shoots up the car. He was in no self defense situation at alll

    And isn’t the payoff of 70k to that dipshit cop just swell? Asshole will be a cop elsewhere a real menace to the public wherever he goes.

    Awful awful OP

  14. ^^ 6:17 - Biden said to tell a killer to just put down your gun and they will not kill you. You Dig ?

  15. thanks for keeping this tragedy in focus, tkc.

  16. In watching the video, the situation unfolded differently then often described. The kid floors it out of the garage, but it's not that moment that he's shot. Once out of the garage, he yanks the wheel so the van is facing 180° and reversing back towards the house. It's then that the officer, who had been dancing around the rear of the van during all this manuvering, fires through the rear glass.

    It's not an easy call. It appears that the officer could have gotten out of the way, but it's hard to say for sure in that quickly escalating moment. The kid obviously had issues, so it's hard to say if his state of mind was running or harming others. The cop was paid off to leave, but every officer knows there are good shootings and there are "good" shootings, and good officers (and departments) don't want officers who commit "good" shootings around.

    Lots of questions that will never have definitive answers.


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