Overland Park Desperately Seeking Workers

Don't worry, none of these jobs pay a living wage and the "career prospects" they offer aren't really any better than sitting around and waiting for more stimmy.

To be fair, even the WSJ notes that the plague is keeping people out of the labor force as well . . .

Wall Street Journal: The Other Reason the Labor Force Is Shrunken - Fear of Covid-19

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Many Oak Park Mall businesses are looking to hire

With COVID-19 protocols easing up, stores are seeing more business. But they are struggling to hire employees. Oak Park Mall is trying to help its tenants get the word out.Things are starting to pop at Oak Park Mall. Stores like Topsy's are enjoying expanded hours and increased business as COVID-19 protocols are easing up.


  1. Sure. Lots of jobs. But what do they actually pay?

  2. ^^ Not as much as the Federal Government stimmy checks.

  3. Work your shift at Oak Park , bonus getting robbed or car jacked in the parking lot.

  4. ^or shot. Dealing with the public is always something that people refuse. People ppl are too mean spirited.


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