Newsflash: Jackson County Jail Likely Isn't Coming Soon Amid Trailer Park Problems

Dead-Tree media offers zoning hot mess debacle that will continue to thwart progress on a new jail . . . More info for subscribers:

'Are we upset? Hell, yeah.' New Jackson County jail may force dozens from their homes

When Joy Ufford and her late husband moved into Heart Village mobile home park in 1970, Joy was turning 40, their son was 6 or 7 and their two-bedroom trailer was brand spanking new. Joy is 90 now and still lives in the same double wide.


  1. It's nice the Kansas City Star featured Byron Funkhouser's mom and her 1970 trailer.

    Definitely can see why he likes to use the words Chud and Weird all of the time living in that environment.

  2. Only in Frank White's Jackson County would they consider building a $300 million facility where it floods regularly. Seriously?

  3. New jail house to evict white trailer park, sounds racist to me.

    But on the other hand it’s just like the county to want to put the new jail in a flood zone! Hahahahaha!

  4. I love it. We got our elected representatives talking about a massive project, millions of dollars involved, and we can't get any real details about it until it's a done deal.

  5. I feel sorry for these people. Where is the county moving them where their rent is this cheap, cheap enough for them to live on their incomes? I don't care if the county gives them a year's rent. What are they supposed to do in a year? Sounds like the only one who's going to win from this deal is the deadbeat running the trailer park and hasn't been taking care of this property or these people.

  6. Build a new downtown stadium. Put the jail at The K.

  7. There will be no downtown stadium. Get the fuck over it.

  8. Build it in a flood zone please! Let's prove that shit floats but can't tread water for long.

  9. Put the new jail in the caves. Cheap, secure and out of sight.

  10. Byron Funkhouser5/2/21, 12:05 PM

    Put them 6 feet underground. Escape proof!


  11. Life in the Byron Funkhouser trailer:

    Maw, where's my biscuits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and where's my Karl Marx biography ?????????

    Dammit Maw, quit cleaning my room and taking my stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thanks to comment at 9:46


    City should be condemning the owner for nuisance if he is allowing unpaid water bill and risking people’s safety.

    Whatever happened to the deals to build a new jail in dog patch?

    Site improvements costs.alone make this a stupid idea. Add in the dislocation to poor and vulnerable people, plus the enrichment of this asshole present ownership group, man this deal sucks

  13. 3:09, they are building a shopping mall on that site instead of the jail proposal.

  14. Put the prisoners in City Hall and the County Courthouse. Those places are already full of criminals now. Who would notice a few more?


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