Missouri Republicans Plot Destruction Of Kansas City With Po-Po Residency Poison Pill

There's no greater evidence that rural Missouri conservatives absolutely despise Kansas City than a sketchy proposal to move cops out of town.

It's a horrible idea without absolutely no merit or incentive other than to worsen relations betwixt community and police.

The upside . . . There's anecdotal chatter about recruitment and the opportunity for police to send their youngsters to other school districts -- Both of these talking points have been quickly debunked. 

To be fair, KCPS is a disaster but they're just one of MORE THAN A DOZEN SCHOOL DISTRICTS INSIDE KCMO.

Overall, this is a reactionary effort that seemingly hopes to aggravate what is already a tense relationship between police and the community they serve.

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Kansas City, Missouri, mayor among those opposed to KCPD residency requirement bill

A bill to ban Kansas City's residency requirement for KCPD is set for a conference committee in front of lawmakers Tuesday morning in Jefferson City. It would still require personnel to live within 30 miles of the city limits and in Missouri.

Kansas City mayor, organizations oppose removing KCPD residency requirement

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The residency requirement for Kansas City, Missouri police officers moves to the state senate this week. A bill removing the requirement goes before the judiciary committee after house approval. It's a measure Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and civil rights organizations oppose.