Meth Town Po-Po Warn: Independence Center Curfew Cont'd

Here's a quick reminder regarding weekend plans and youngsters left unattended at this nearly broke shopping mall which hopes new rules will forestall the inevitable death of retail . . . Read more:

People under the age of 18 in the Interstate 70/Missouri 291 Highway District are not permitted on public streets, public grounds, in public buildings, amusement places, dining services, vacant buildings or shops. 

The curfew is in place from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. and was initially put in place as a response to a string of violence and disturbances in the area and the Independence Center. 

 The district sits south of U.S. 40 Highway, north of 39th Street, east of Little Blue Parkway and west of Missouri 291 Highway.

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Independence police issues reminder of juvenile curfew

by: Juan Cisneros Posted: / Updated: INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - With school finishing up for the year and summer vacation getting started, the Independence Police Department is sending a reminder to parents about a juvenile curfew in a part of the city.