Meth Town Firefighter Stays Losing After Punching Lady

This story isn't quite a battle of the sexes but a tragic glimpse at reactionary gender politics sparking real world violence.

Money line . . .

“He says if she wants to look like a man, you can get hit like a man,” the victim said.

An Independence police report confirmed the identity of the suspect.

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Independence firefighter on leave after allegedly assaulting woman during bar fight

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - An Independence firefighter is on leave after a woman said he assaulted her at a bar. Taylor Bass, 27, is expected in court on June 30. "I don't feel safe with him being a first responder because he has assaulted me for how I dress," said Bailee Cress, who was allegedly assaulted.


  1. she seems fine. He must not pack a lot of punch.

  2. Hilarious! I look like a man, but treat me like a lady!!

  3. ^^^ tough guy advocates hitting women? LOSER.

    Actually, public servants shouldn't be going around hitting anyone.

  4. hot oil wrestling would be more fair for everyone. Let's make it happen.

  5. Another case or the improper reporting of the issue. The article should be less about this person and more about the fact that a "Large Brawl Broke Out" in a fairly decent restaurant just up the street from the famous Independence Center. What's up with this Independence.

  6. ^^^ Actually, the reporting was spot on. Your angle is boring and that's why you're commenting on a shite blog and not doing news. If you choose to omit the most captivating detail, you're not a journalist. You're a shill.

  7. Not all first responders are heroes.

  8. ^^^ Then you should sign up for the job, idiot.


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