Kemper Architect Kaput

Local connection to a story that should remind us all to share the road . . . Check-it:

Famed German architect Jahn, who designed Kemper Arena, killed in Illinois bike accident

CHICAGO (AP) - Helmut Jahn, a prominent German architect who designed an Illinois state government building and worked on the design of the FBI headquarters in Washington, was killed when two vehicles struck the bicycle he was riding outside Chicago.


  1. Chicago needs Eric Bunch up there to install bike lanes, PERMANENTLY!.

  2. "James R. Thompson Building, a glass-sheathed, Illinois government office building in Chicago’s Loop that opened in 1985. It was put up for sale last week. State officials say the 17-story building is a drain on state finances because it’s inefficient to operate and in need of hundreds of millions of dollars in repairs."

  3. Kemper fell apart. Lousy design. Lucky nobody was in it. It was a skywalk without casualties. HUGE FAIL!


  4. Maybe they should have called Eric Bunch to put the protected bike lanes in. Gee I wonder how many cars are on the road vs bikes. But just the same bike lanes are more important even when it means no snow removal and traffic and parking problems. Hey KC send Eric Bunch to IL seems to me they need him more than we do. BTW no one uses those bike lanes the bikers still ride in the middle of the street.

  5. Eric Bunch for Chicago!

  6. Jahn failed to stop at a stop sign at an intersection and was struck by the two vehicles, headed in opposite directions, Campton Hills Police Chief Steven Miller said in a news release.

    Bunch and his buddies do the same shit around here thinking road rules don't apply to them.

  7. The structural engineers screwed up Kemper. Bartle’s highway spanning structure is still up.


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