KCTV5 SOLD In Stock Deal Worth Billions

Quick roundup of corporate news changing hands . . . And likely a shakeup will soon follow with a few local personalities on their way out.

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Gray Television In Major Expansion Is Buying Meredith's Station Group For $2.7 Billion Cash

Gray Television took a giant leap forward Monday in a deal to acquire Meredith's local media group of 17 stations in 12 markets for $2.7 billion in a deal Grey said will transform it into the second largest television broadcast group in the nation.


  1. Not good news for the woke left, they are conservative news and pride themselves on fair and balanced news.

    They’ll be some people suddenly leaving at channel 5!

  2. United We Stand5/3/21, 5:58 PM

    Good about time good news hit Kansas City. Lot of KCTV5 staff will be looking for new jobs.
    Although not considered to be as openly right-wing as Sinclair Broadcasting — which stipulates all outlets must carry conservative political content

  3. That shitbox might be worth watching occasionally now.

  4. Get rid of Erin tubby little

  5. Rich Republicans need to start buying up more media properties.

  6. Please bring us weather girls with lots of cleavage and short skirts.

    Currently Kansas City has the ugliest collection of homo's and weather girls in the nation.

    Thank you.

  7. Don't understand this article, isn't KCTV5 a Kansas Television Station?
    I thought they left Kandsas City years ago.

  8. Topeka Reader5/3/21, 10:54 PM

    Yuck, KCTV and KSMO are about to turn into a shitty stations. I have watched KCTV instead of WIBW in Topeka for decades because Gray sucks as an owner. What a horrible thing to bring to Kansas City. 10:02 KCTV's city of license is Kansas City, Missouri according to FCC records.

  9. D-list celebrities on the their way to the unemployment line...


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