KCPS Desperately Seeking COVID Dropouts

The provisionally accredited district hopes to lure students back after the pandemic revealed that their instruction wasn't really as vital as so many hoped/believed.

And so . . . Here's a push that might or might not have anything to do with school funding depending the student count. Check-it . . .

Kansas City Public Schools is working hard to track down absent students

Some school districts are working harder than ever to track down students who don't show up to class. Elizabeth Stanford is part of a team of people trying to keep kids in school by going to their homes.One student the team talked to is an eighth grader at Northeast Middle School who stopped going to school last year during the pandemic."How is she doing?"


  1. It's too b ad that KCPS isn't really concerned about these missing students getting an education.
    Their real concern is that decreased attendance means less chance for even provisional accreditation and less money from the state.
    Get those "Xs" in the right boxes!

  2. 7:46 beat me to it. Indeed! They are worrying about the missing money (=scholar). They hate home schooling too.

  3. In the end, to get the $$ they will cook the books and claim to be educating remotely even though they haven't laid eyes on these kids since pre-covid. Also, how are they remote-learning? Their MACbook that the school district bought them and they promptly pawned?

  4. ^^I don't know Maude. Did you call them and ask them? Why are you boring us with this shit?

  5. The kids will still be dumb as dirt.


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