KCK Double Shooting Starts Weekend

The dangerous weekend starts in The Dotte.

Here's the update . . .

2 men shot at Kansas City, Kansas, auto body shop

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two men were shot outside of an auto body shop on Friday afternoon in Kansas City, Kansas. According to a KCKPD spokeswoman, the shooting happened at 1934 North 18th Street. A suspect pulled into the parking lot and opened fire, striking the two men.


  1. No problem!
    They can probably "buff" out the holes.
    Also those in the vehicles.

  2. Thanks for this notice tony.

    Yikes hope it’s solved.

    Bad location for that bc Mac’s Park right there, fields and courts, and also the jersey creek rec path beginning, shootings got to stop

  3. Byron Funkhouser5/7/21, 8:02 PM

    That was two attempted postbirth abortions.

  4. At Horseless Carriage right down the street on 18th and Minnesota Ave 1 dead and 7 shot during a after hours drug party with 200 people there. Nobody saw anything!


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