Kansas Rep. Sharice Picture Book Shares Lesson Of Boredom

Very much like the careers of most politicos . . . The problem with this book is simple: Nothing really happens.

It's a picture book but also a lecture book wherein the highlight is a heartfelt speech.

The focus on public speaking is odd given that the Congress lady was a fighter and might understand the power of action and movement over mere words.

To be fair, this book is almost guaranteed to put both adults and youngsters to sleep . . . Which is the most important function of almost any reading material.

Accordingly, here's glowing praise from local public radio . . .

Kansas Congresswoman Sharice Davids' New Book Tells Kids: Your Voice Is Important

Representative Sharice Davids has a message for children: Everyone's voice is important and everyone's path is different. "I think a lot of us know what it's like to feel like our voice isn't heard, to feel like maybe our experience isn't valid, or to just want to see other people who understand," the U.S.