Kansas City: Where's Waldo Stoplights?!?

Here's a glimpse at more urban planning gone wrong and warnings from neighbors that city hall is setting up yet another dangerous situation for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

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Waldo businesses worried about future revitalization project

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- It's called the Gregory Streetscape project and it's supposed to revitalize Gregory Boulevard in Waldo, from Wornall to Oak Street. "This monitor here shows the basic intersection that we have up in this camera right here," says Mark Trokey the owner of Mark Trokey's Automotive Service.


  1. What? They haven't even finished the Troost project yet that BTW has failed big time so far. The bad areas will never work unless the people who live there are run out and the big loser racist Quinton Lucas will never do that he doesn't have the back bone nor the brains to clean up the city.

  2. Waldo, where the gay bay and 24 karat fake asses meet the Killa city section. Strange brew dat it is.

  3. True. Waldo does not have the ambience of your Airstream in the Walmart parking lot.


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