Kansas City Westport Kamp 6ixx Postscript Review

Just a quick shout out to a moment in time . . . Here's a nice review and a message sent our way that was lost in the mix . . .

"Kamp 6ixx was my last and best homeless camp i ever stayed at. I been homeless off and on 20+ years and my housing finally came through but had not found a place yet since 1 bedroom apartments are hard to find available. I arrived and was given tent to sleep in while there, blankets, clothes as available and fed all free. I have cyrrently found permanent housing but am very thankful Kamp Sixx was there when i needed a safe place to stay during this transition. THANK YOU VERY MUCH KAMP 6IXX FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!, PEACE, LUV, & HIPPIE-NESS!!!"

We're anxious to hear reviews of the new accommodations paid for by local taxpayers. So far, given somewhat recent emergency moves . . . The stories sent our way have been "interesting" to stay the least.

Developing . . .


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