Kansas City Westport Crash Overnight

Quick peek at local drunks crashing a Midtown upscale bar.

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Some idiot DUI'd Char Bar's front door. Do you know them? Tell them they suck.

Do y'all enjoy that there Char Bar place? How much? Would you ever consider, you know, appreciating it enough to never plow your car into it at 40 mph? Well. You'd be a good person. Good. Good to hear. On Sunday night, sometime just after 2 a.m., a car plowed into Char Bar.


  1. Brock Wilbur you're so edgy - learn to write doucher.

  2. Pitch is gonna be backpedaling hard when they figure out it was not the Amish who did this.

  3. Don't cut yourself on that edge, Brock.

  4. Meatless Joe crashed his car into the nation's beef industry and Brock Wilbur hasn't mentioned it. Awww, sucks. Oh well, it's off to the Hello Kitty truck to get a yummy box of cookies. Use soap and water everybody! And get your shots!!!

  5. that piece of shit rag The Pitch has a paywall?

  6. the whole town sucks and has for a very very long time.


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