Kansas City Week Ahead: More COVID

The new normal resembles the pandemic lockdown in more than a few ways.

Still, from one of our favorite local hosts, here's a glimpse at what the rest of the week looks like . . . Read more:

Nick's Picks | COVID Cases Rise As We Strive For New Normal

Is this the week our metro finally forgot about COVID? Perhaps. But not because it's disappeared. It hasn't. In fact, virus related admissions have doubled in the last two weeks at some area medical centers. And KU Hospital says it's had to reopen a second COVID unit to care for the influx of new patients.


  1. Oh my god, they went from 25 cases a day to 31, Jesus Christ just shut down the economy again if that’s really what you want, assholes.

  2. Fuck Nick and his stupid bald head.


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