Kansas City Watches Rally For Palestine Whilst MSM Far Too Terrified To Ask Local Jewish Community About Crisis In Israel

The Kansas City metro is home to one of the strongest Jewish communities in the Midwest.

Our clueless friends don't know this but the roots of KC's Jewish community go back to the foundation of what many Americans know as modern day Israel.

Perspective from these community leaders might be newsworthy. 

However, our local media outlets are far too scared to ask.

On a personal level, we've talked to a couple of friends on the topic but the observations aren't anything worth blogging. Real talk and a stupid comparison: TKC always smirks when I get asked for Mexican food suggestions given that the majority of what this blogger consumes comes from gas stations . . . So I listen but haven't really asked any Jewish friends or denizens of this community about their feelings . . . Local media silence on the topic makes me feel better about that minor decision.

Accordingly . . .

What's more important to understand is that, just like any community, there is no monolithic viewpoint or "official" statement from any ethnic group on any given topic. This fact of life is often lost on "journalists" who thrive on easy answers and stereotypes. 

Meanwhile, tonight’s news will feature images of locals rallying in support of Palestinians who are newer arrivals to the metro and marching through the Country Club Plaza tonight.

And so, we'll start any subsequent conversation with a valuable, local community resource and then move to a smaller sampling of diverse viewpoints which offer just a hint at the complexity of a region and its people who have confronted conflict for about the past 5 thousand years.

Survey Seyz . . .

The Pew study cheat sheet: key conclusions from the new survey of American Jews

The new edition asks many of the same questions, and adds a few new ones based on the events and conversation of the past few years. For example, the survey delves much deeper into antisemitism, as well as racial and ethnic diversity among American Jews.

TV Shares Alternative Holy Land Hot Take

KC pro-Palestinian rally attracts nearly 300 people, turns to march

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Roughly 300 people gathered near the Country Club Plaza Saturday evening for a pro-Palestinian rally that turned into a march. The rally started at 5 p.m. at Mill Creek Park, but as crowds grew, the group moved around the edge of the Plaza. Ahmad Haha attended the protest.

Progressives Equivocate

Velshi: The right to exist goes both ways

Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself. That's a fact. The same is true for Palestinians - that point seems to get missed. Palestinians are, at best, third class citizens in the nation of their birth.

Right Wing Reports Destruction Of Shared Spaces

Associated Press Laments Loss Of Gaza Bureau, Which Shared Office Space With Terrorist Organization Hamas

The Associated Press is lamenting the loss of its Gaza bureau, which was housed in a high-rise building in Gaza City that was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike on Saturday. The AP noted that all of its employees and freelancers were able to evacuate the building safely, thanks to the Israeli military calling ahead to warn them of the strike, as it does when targeting civilian buildings.

Prez Puts Israel On Notice

Biden calls Netanyahu and Abbas amid anger at Israeli airstrike on journalists' tower

President Joe Biden telephoned Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after another day of bloodshed on Saturday - and anger at the Israeli bombing of a tower housing media organisations including Associated Press and Al-Jazeera.

Bernie Doesn’t Back Bombing

Democrats embrace a tougher tack toward Israel as violence flares

"We think that this is becoming the center of the Democratic Party," Ben-Ami added. Over the past week, the Palestinian militant group Hamas has launched a new round of rocket attacks targeting civilian areas in Israel, prompting lawmakers from both parties to forcefully condemn the aggression and assert Israel's right to defend itself from an enemy that believes it should not exist.

Super-Lawyer Makes His Case

Alan Dershowitz called Bernie Sanders a 'self-hating Jew' over his stance on Israel-Palestine violence

High-profile lawyer Alan Dershowitz called Sen. Bernie Sanders a "self-hating Jew." He was responding to the senator's stance on Israel-Palestine violence, which escalated this week. Sanders called for a ceasefire and said both Israel and Palestinians have a "right to live in peace and security." See more stories on Insider's business page.

Yang Gang Stands With Israel

Yang's tweet in support of Israel draws praise from conservatives

New York City mayoral candidate (D) drew praise from several prominent conservatives after voicing support for Israel and condemning attacks from the Hamas militant group. Yang condemned the attacks in a tweet Monday, saying New York City "will always stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel who face down terrorism and persevere."

Targeting Opposition

Israel bombs Hamas Gaza chief's home as fighting enters seventh day

Israel bombed the home of Hamas's chief in Gaza early on Sunday and the Islamist group fired rocket barrages at Tel Aviv as hostilities stretched into a seventh day with no sign of abating. At least three Palestinians were killed in Israeli air strikes across the coastal enclave, health officials said, and many were injured as the sounds of heavy bombardment roared through the night.

Holy Land Violence Worsens

Casualties mount as Israeli forces and Hamas continue to exchange attacks

Violence between Israeli and Palestinian forces continues to escalate, with a building containing foreign media getting destroyed by an Israeli airstrike early Saturday. After six days of fighting, over 140 Palestinians and 10 Israelis are dead. Imtiaz Tyab reports.

Political Perception & Reality

Israel is winning battles, Hamas is winning the war - analysis

As Israel battles its way through one of the most intense conflicts the country has experienced in recent years, the IDF is pushing how strongly it is striking Gaza and how far back it's setting Hamas in Operation Guardians of the Walls.

You decide . . .