Kansas City This Week According To Newsies

A review of Kansas City politics and current events from top ranking journalists who offer a mainstream perspective that's more informed than all of the reactionary garbage on social media feeds.

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Nick Haines, Pilar Pedraza, Pete Mundo, Dave Helling and Eric Wesson discuss inconsistent mask rules and enforcement, Rex Archer's retirement announcement, Kris Kobach's bid for Kansas Attorney General, Mayor Lucas pleading with state lawmakers for gun restrictions, the Kansas legislature response to vetoes of transgender athlete, gun and election law bills and long-term plans for KC's homeless.

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  1. Sorta funny.....no comments......nobody gives a shit about KC week. haha

  2. It was a great day for spring cleaning. The 24 hour news cycle killed news and burned everybody out from the over stimulation. Interesting how Pila shrugged off mentally ill homeless people as acceptable customs in a modern society. It's only acceptable for the less affluent to eat shit and die.


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