Kansas City Stays Losing Workers Whilst Prez Biden Promises Fix

The Commander-In-Chief recently promised a fix to a weird American workforce problem during what is hopefully the start of pandemic recovery.

Biden: Workers can't turn down job and get benefits

Deets . . .

“We’re going to make it clear that anyone who is collecting unemployment who is offered a suitable job must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits,” Biden said in remarks on the economy from the East Room, noting there would be “a few COVID-19-related exceptions” to the guidance.

Meanwhile, let's not underestimate other factors impacting the job market . . .

KCTV5: Low pay and 'toxic' workplaces are driving workers away from restaurants

Either way, the tough talk has yet to help small biz reopen any faster . . . Read more:

Kansas City-area restaurants struggle to find workers as business picks up

Kansas City-area restaurants say sales keep increasing but they can't find workers.Hiring signs are all over the metro. Customers have come back to restaurants, but finding workers has been a challenge."You just can't seem to catch up on staffing," said Steve Sinnott, of Los Cabos Mexican Grill and Cantina.At Los Cabos Mexican Grill and Cantina, they're advertising online, offering employees $150 for referrals, and they've increased wages."Everybody's thinking outside the box.